Judith Von Hopf is a front runner in the industry, creating custom & hand-made props and visuals in the USA for top tier clients.

"We take time to understand the clients' needs, and creatively partner and guide them through each concept from start to finish. With 40 years of experience, we are the first and next generation of the visual industry."


From the East to West coast, we've designed hundreds of windows with some of the most top tier and well-respected brands in the industry. Ranging in props with varieties of shapes, custom colors and sizes, we delve in to design key pieces and have been evolving the trade for years.



We have extensive experience and background designing interiors for hospitality and stores ranging from high-luxury, to fast fashion and on into product and consumer facing brands. We understand the importance of merchandising and work diligently and efficiently to create on-point environments.



Retail windows and merchandise roll-outs aren't our only specialty, we keep the trade going into major events too. From visual conference  booths to entertainment events and televised premiers, we are #1 when it comes to custom visuals in all capacities.